Leeds Travel Guide

Leeds is an important city in Yorkshire, with houses, prestigious art galleries and historic homes. It is also the home for a variety of recreational and sport activities, such as golf. The city is not the only one of the industrial hubs of United Kingdom but also a great tourist destination that could offer fun for the entire family. Basically being an agricultural center it was during the Tudor period, the city of Leeds gained its popularity as industrial center manufacturing woolen fabrics. The introduction of Leeds canal and the railways propelled the growth of the city during the eighteenth century. This article focuses on the important tourist attraction in the city.

Leeds Art Gallery

Leeds Art Gallery houses a world class collection of twentieth century British art and presents exciting short-term exhibitions. It is a grand place for all ages that offers exhibitions, displays, learning programs, events and activities to every one of its visitors. The gallery holds a wide range of collections ranging from French Post Impressionists’ and Victorian works to that of modern British artists’ exemplary creations. Most of the exhibitions and events conducted are free of charge to the visitors.

Henry Moore Institute

Adjacent to the Art Gallery is located the famous Henry Moore Institute. It is well known for its award-winning exhibitions venue, research centre, and sculpture archive. Henry Moore institute is connected to Leeds Art Gallery by a walkway so that visitors can move with ease between the two popular venues.

Harewood House

Harewood House remains the family home of Lascelles family to date. It is one of the most attractive tourist spots in Leeds. The estate, which now runs under the Harewood house trust, is open to the public during most part of the year. The venue houses an educational bird garden, adventure playground, and catering facilities enabling the visitors to enjoy complete luxury.

Temple Newsam

Temple Newsam is a Tudor-Jacobean manor with more than 1,500 acres of land comprising park, woods, and farm land. For a small fee the public is allowed to enjoy the luxuries of the royal manor, which has over four hundred animals of rare breed. Parties, opera and concerts are held by the Leeds City council during the month of July. Occasional open air theater performances, Vanity fairs, and dog shows are held here to attract visitors.

Royal Armories Museum

Royal Armories Museum of Leeds offers a lot of fun to the modern family. It houses a complete a set of King Henry VIII’s armor. The falconry shows, horse shows, and the real jousting with knights in armor are some of the fascinating events that you can enjoy at the venue. The museum boasts of housing over 8,500 objects in its five-themed galleries. However, a few of the events charge a fee and it is wise to book in advance to avoid last minute rush for the enticing events.

Other Attractions

There are a few other attractions that make your visit to Leeds exciting and purposeful. These include The Corn Exchange, a popular shopping center in Leeds; The Victoria Quarter, which also is a premier shopping center located in Leeds; The Headrow Shopping Center, which is famous for its largest sporting goods collection; Popular theaters, such as The West Yorkshire Playhouse and Northern Ballet Theatre; Exciting pubs like Tetley’s Brewery Wharf, Whitelocks, Salvo’s, and The Angel Inn and many more.

Hotels and Accommodation

When it comes to accommodation, Leeds has a wide range to cater to the visitors. You can find either economy class accommodation or Hi-fi restaurants that fit your taste and budget. Since the number of tourists has been on the increase, it is advised that you reserve your accommodation in advance for a cozy trip to Leeds.


Leeds being one of the most popular tourist destinations has all kinds of transport facilities including air planes, railways, buses, cars, and the like. If you need local help you can always look for travel agents that can arrange the best mode of travel for you.