England Is The Right Place For Vacation

If you are looking for the ideal tour vacation in the United Kingdom, then you have come to the right place. This article provides exclusive information on UK accommodation, activities and travel attractions.


With the exciting combination of urban life and lonesome country sides, traditions of olden days and futuristic lifestyle, exquisite beaches and jagged mountains, England is in fact a place high on diversity. And when it is about experiencing the cultural attractions and the incredible nightlife, England rocks and is booming as good as ever. Without doubt, this is one of the few places that tourists from all over the world consider as their favorite. With its number of residents adding up to over several million; it is not only Europe’s biggest city, it is also the capital of UK and the main seat of the country’s political events, trade, showbiz, and entertainment.

Along the coastline and within the southeast of England, you will spot the famous historical place named Canterbury. You experience a different class of tourism here, as it is the famed diocese of the legendary Thomas Becket. This is also the wealthiest region of the nation. This wealth is mainly attributed to the Canterbury’s nearness to the capital and the rich agricultural lands.

England’s southwest part mostly comprises of rocky highlands of Devon and Cornwall’s rugged sea shore. Yet another in-style tourist attraction is Salisbury. It is also a place which is considered as the spot where the West Country begins. However, the highlight here is mainly the grandiose church towers. By the New Stone Age, as evident from the memorials such as Avebury and Stonehenge, an affluent and commanding civilization developed in this area. All these are good reasons for why you should not miss visiting these places.

Coming to the western part of England, the chief metropolitan tourist spot here is Bristol; however, Exeter and Bath are also quite good for an exciting go round. If you reach your destination at the hub of United Kingdom, the most important places to stop over are the ancient cities famous for education. This is none other than the famed cities of Cambridge and Oxford. And if you are a Shakespeare fanatic, you should also visit the historical Stratford upon Avon – which is in fact the actual birthplace of William Shakespeare. Another place of interest often missed by tourists in this region is Norwich, which is well known for its good looking East Anglia flat lands.

Take a trip to the north of England and you can experience the lively industrialized cities like Newcastle, Liverpool, and Manchester. Durham and York offer fine chronological resources in this region; on the other hand, the best part is the fine-looking landscape, particularly the dales of Yorkshire and the moorlands of the Lake District.

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